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Old School Baseball Scoring

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DESCRIPTION-Old School Scoring was designed as a simple, intuitive baseball/softball scorekeeping app which retains the “Old School” look and feel of a pencil and paper scorebook without the need to record every small detail like many of the “professional” scorekeeping apps. Ideal for youth baseball/softball parents and coaches, but versatile enough to score any game. Enter your email address in the settings and you can email yourself a completed, professional looking score sheet at the end of the game with all player stats.APP FEATURES -Roster entry on the fly – enter each batter as they come to the plate / no need to pre-enter rosters before the game starts -Portrait layout for one-handed operation-Intuitive Scorekeeping Flow -- If you know how to score a game in a book, you can use this app with very little learning curve. It’s designed so that it can be used with little or no instruction.-No annoying and time consuming interview questions – just watch the game, record balls, strikes and fouls on a familiar touch grid, record balls in-play and outs with the same familiar paper score codes (1B-RC for single to right center, etc) (4-3 – ground ball to second), and then move the runners where they land at the end of the play. -Space for up to 12 players (with substitutes) and up to 10 innings of play -Keeps track of the basic stats that most parents and coaches want to see at the end of a game. -Accurate pitch count for youth baseball -Balls/Strikes -Walks/Strikeout -Batting Average (AVG) -On Base Percentage (OBP) -Professional looking completed score sheet emailed as a PDF right to your email address.Questions and instructions: Please email support at